This will give you access FOREVER on the app doviesfitness app.

NOTE. This won't automatically activate your account on the app. We will have to do this manually to give you full access. So please add a note when you making payment with your USER NAME and also Your name you used to register the app.

Please make sure you use a correct email so we can email you if anything.
You can email support@doviesfitness.com with your confirmation from this purchase along with your username as well and your account will be activated within a few mins

You can still subscribe from the doviesfitness app but the app doesnt offer FOREVER SUBSCRIPTION. This offer is only here.
Once you subscribe you will get access to
1000+ exercise demonstration videos
100+ workouts
Daily workout challenge (new workout daily)
Workout plans for Abs, Weightloss, Toning and lower body
Diet plans for weight loss and muscle gains
And all access to dovies if you need any help.

1. If I'm in your city you can request for a free workout session
2. Always get discount on Doviesclothing items coming soon, fitness apparel
3. Arrangement for video call consultations for fitness and diet.
4. And a life time access to the app and all up coming features.

This is for only iPhone users. Android app coming soon